Kate Spade Barricade Wall



While working with the team at The Science Project, we were challenged with creating an interactive experience that engages customers during site construction, before store opening. 


The experience must intrigue users and provide an incentive to interact with something that they are not familiar with interacting with. The main challenge was creating an interface and visuals that would trigger the experience and get users to approach the wall and know what to do, especially in a busy, noisy setting, the shopping mall.


Five touch screens are mounted inside the wall to provide an interactive experience moving the user across the screens, answering personality questions resulting in a personalized product set and incentive to shop both online before the store is open, and to come back upon store opening.


Kate Spade New York is now implementing their 4th barricade and the experience has become a compelling launch vehicle for the brand.

The project took first place in VMSD's 21st Annual International Visual Competition.

My Role

Working with a small team, I assisted in concept development, pitching various ideas and iterations to the client. I also worked on creating a clear user interface that is simple to understand and use, while remaining on brand.

Project Details

Company: The Science Project
Client: Kate Spade New York
Summer 2014